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L/A Nordiques Hockey Club Billeting Program

A message from L/A Nordiques Head Coach Cam Robichaud

Thank you for showing interest in volunteering to billet a Nordiques hockey player.

The player you would be hosting needs your guidance, support, and attention to be successful here with the Nordiques.  You will be the primary adult figure in his life while he is away from home.  We ask that you treat players as you would your own children-by supporting them in academic and athletic endeavors, imposing discipline when necessary, and expecting contributions to your family’s home life and activities.

Please read the information that follows as it outlines both what is expected from you and what you can expect from your player.  These guidelines were developed to make your role easier and ensure consistency across the Nordiques program.

Yours in Hockey!

Cam Robichaud


Please contact:

Jim Mercier

Phone: 207.783.2009 x.208